Account Based Marketing

Many companies have been effectively using ABM and have seen increased ROI. ABM spending is on the rise and there is no doubt why B2B marketers are spending more on ABM. Yes, Account-Based Marketing doesn’t work like ordinary one-size-fits-all methodology. If 80% of your leads don’t get converted, ABM is for you as it can give you the right type of leads which are high-qualified.

ABM allows your sales team to be on the same page as clients. By getting your sales and marketing teams aligned ABM lets you drive the pipeline results.

Using ABM, you can –
• Create an ideal customer’s profile/ the buyer’s persona
• Identify your target accounts using the buyer’s persona
• Target only accounts that are likely to buy by creating relevant and engaging content
• Understand your Key accounts’ need and deliver customized solutions

Realize the full potential of your key accounts using Account-Based Marketing. Satisfy your customers and they will satisfy you!

MindTech Services

Are you worried about justifying the cost or hiring the right talent for doing ABM?

We are here to help you!

  • We deliver successful ABM campaigns just within your budget.
  • We are ready with the technology experts and content creators who will give a personalized experience to your high-value accounts.
  • We know cutting edge software tools that you can use for successful ABM operation. Know how to configure these tools according to your need.
  • We help you measure ABM campaign results by bringing in notice sure signs of success. So, why not use Account Based Marketing to help you improve your bottom line?
  • We will coordinate content across all channels making sure that same target accounts don’t receive different signals across different channels.
  • We personalize content for we believe 82% of prospects value content made for their specific industries.
  • Rather than sending generic messages to a large group, you can send sending personalized messages to individuals of specific target accounts. Relevant content helps to reach more prospects than otherwise.

You can completely rely on us when it comes to knowing things like company structure, key decision makers.
Trust in our ability to help you convey your products and services to all the individuals in your target accounts.
Let us know Industry, company size, location, annual revenue, etc information and we will help you with a list of target accounts.