IT Healthcare Services

Why should you incorporate IT as a service in your healthcare organization? The answer – With an increasing number of users the number of devices, sites, systems is also increasing. The increased amount of data cannot be handled by your existing infrastructure. It is important that healthcare industries provide improved quality of care along with the digital transformation that is happening in the world.

There is a need to better engage with consumers and we are sure that it is not possible without the support of IT healthcare services. Continuous development of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, etc is having significant benefits on healthcare industries.

Using our IT healthcare services will help your IT staff to concentrate more on the needs of patients rather than managing healthcare information systems for hours together. We use advanced incident management systems which can help you solve the problems that occur frequently. We provide you financial, clinical, administrative IT services which include services following services that we have mentioned.

To brief about it, we also provide Cloud Security, cyber security, Virtual chief Information Security Service (vCISO), Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Network Anomaly Detection, Managing cloud-connected storage, Cloud hosting, Cloud migration, etc services. Many people don’t go for IT services because of their low budgets but we want to relieve you with our affordable services.

MindTech Services

Here is why you should choose us 

  • We provide IT healthcare services not only in India but also in several other countries. For example, we are doing US Government healthcare IT projects and to specify we have provided healthcare services to top 50 Government Agencies in California, US.
  • We have an operations center in the US along with remote management team.
  • We are amongst leading IT healthcare services provider MNCs such as Microsoft, Cisco.
  • We have skilled IT staff with 15+ years of experience to manage your IT infrastructure.
  • Our staff will examine all your IT infrastructure, processes, policies along with which we will also warn you about critical IT system conditions.
  • We have globally certified technical resources and best management practices and processes and we are ISO 27001 compliant and QMS 9000:2015 certified company.
  • We are experienced not only in IT and BPO but also in major of other domains. Considering our versatile experience, we can be your one-man army.
  • Easily scale your infrastructure within your budget using our IT Healthcare services because we provide consumption-based pricing models.
  • Nothing should stop you from going for IT services because we will take care of all the IT risks that too within your budget.


Are you ready to reduce the burdens of maintenance, licensing, contracts?
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