About Us

Company Overview

We at MindTech accelerate your business by our IT and ITES services. We are experts in B2B Marketing, Digital Marketing, and IT Support & Services. We are interested in revolutionizing your sales growth with the recent trends, tools, and technology at our aid. Leverage our expertise to create a strong foundation for your business.

Our company is standing toe to toe with multiple competitors due to the managed staff’s combined experience of 15+ years. Our company’s resources have been globally certified not only Technical but also management and process. Our company follows the industrial standards by adhering to ISO 27001 and we are QMS 9000:2015 certified. We have a strong presence in India accompanied by a strong global presence worldwide.

We also pride ourselves in having an operations office in the US along with remote management team. We are on par with the leading MNCs Microsoft, Cisco, and Healthcare IT services. We are experienced not only in IT and BPO but also in other major domains. Considering our versatile experience, we can be your one-man army.

MindTech Services


MindTech’s mission is to offer companies growth opportunities by providing IT support and services, also B2B Marketing and Digital Marketing strategies that are tailored to their need.


As we strive hard to better your company’s performance, we at MindTech envision achieving a greater goal that of providing an increasing number of companies the needed practical support which will help them firm their grounds in a growing market.