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People have come up with different marketing methods over the period. As the internet is growing, SMS marketing is comparatively used very less and email marketing has come into existence. In 2018, global email users amounted to 3.7 billion and it is estimated that by 2021 this number will grow to 4.1 billion (Statista). 86% (Hubspot) People prefer emails for business purposes which means Email Marketing is of vital importance if you want to grow your business.

Why Email Marketing is popular?

  • Emails are better than spray and pray methods because you can segment your email list and send relevant emails.
  • You can also write personalized subject lines which will attract your users and those who are interested can be directed to your website using CTA. Do you see the source of traffic you get?
  • Emails can be automated to send at different timing all over the world without you having to stay awake.
  • Emails are a great way to interact with different people with the content formats that appeal to them. Also, the series of emails can be created according to the segmented target audience’s needs.
  • Email is a great way to remind people of their wishlist in case they are going out of stock. Also, you can make your loyal customers have a look at the rest of your products which sound relevant to them.

Why do we think you should choose us for doing your Email Marketing?

  • Using our Email Marketing services we will make your target audience to buy your amazing products and services.
  • We write emails tailored to the needs of your prospects which are delivered at the right time with a catchy subject line.
  • We optimize the email templates by performing A/B tests and only after that we send them across.
  • We can help you with drip email series which can be used to nurture your leads.
  • We make sure that every dollar you spend is utilized properly and increases your performance. We help you track the results of Email Marketing campaigns using detailed analytics to show ROI.

Make sure to give your Email Marketing strategy in the right hands because every dollar that spend can you bring 40 dollars in return. Yes, Email marketing is a great tool which will bring more business to your organizations. People trust emails as they increase sales, generate more leads, reduces marketing costs, and increase customer loyalty. With all the performance tracking options available you get actionable data which helps you improve customer satisfaction and sales performance.

How can you do better at email marketing?
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